Aqua Chi (Foot Detox)

Imagine a treatment where there are no pills, no drugs and no pain. Imagine a treatment that uses an energy so natural it doesn't cause side effects. Imagine a treatment that uses a living energy, life force energy, an energy described by the ancient Chinese as Chi.

The knowledge of the treatment of Chi has been around since the beginning of medicine yet has never really been understood until more recent times. This treatment we have termed as Aqua-Chi. Aqua meaning water and Chi meaning living energy or life force.

To date no life has been discovered that can exist without water. All life is dependent on water; so is it not plausible that water may be the source of all life by being the carrier of life force itself.

Whether you want to view water as the carrier of life force or the source of the life force itself doesn't really matter, what is important is that all life is dependent on it and without it you would not be alive. The content of this booklet explores the mystery of life force from both eastern Chinese philosophy and western medicines point of view, including the role of water and how it contains the spark of life.

Pictured above, the top photo shows the water coloration just 35 minutes after the ion foot bath.

  • 30 min - $55

  • Add-on with another treatment - $45

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